Wednesday, July 27, 2005

You have to love Google

Ha! After yesterday's bitch-fest about Susan's digestive problems, the Google Ad Generator is putting up links for Mylicon and Enfamil AR. Gee, why didn't I think of that? Mylicon, that will solve everything!

When Susan starting eating from the bottle in the hospital she pretty much immediately had trouble. She'd take half the amount she was usually fed by tube and refused any more. Mylicon was the FIRST thing we tried. It works by decreasing surface tension on liquids in the stomach, so small bubbles will pop and gas will form one bib bubble that's easier to burp out. Never worked out for us. I was very disappointed that it wasn't a silver bullet that would allow Susan to start eating normally. It was the first of many such disappointments.

We did leave the pump off last night, and I only got up once to give her a quick feeding. After six uninterrupted hours of sleep, I'm like a new woman. The baby is like a new baby too - her mood is SO much better today than it's been the past week. I guess she suffers from sleeping badly too.

I always have ounces of formula and calories running through my head. At her current weight, Susan needs a minimum of 770 calories a day, or 38 and a half ounces of formula. At night she can take as much as 3 oz/hour on the pump, during the day she only can take about 2 oz/hour. Without the pump, there's just no way, unless I could get her onto a formula that has 30 calories and ounce. So far she hasn't tolerated that at all.

I'm setting up another round of appointments with an allergist, a new gastroenterologist, and a dietician. Maybe we can regroup and get a better plan together.

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