Friday, July 29, 2005

Some people are just jerks

Did you see this story about the T-Ball coach bribing a kid to bean a disabled kid on the team, so he wouldn't be able to play? Oh, where to begin. Obviously this guy is a total failure as a human being to place winning a T-Ball playoff game over the safety of a child, any child. I'm ever more bothered that the league has NOT suspended him from coaching pending investigation. Only if he's CONVICTED of assault will they take away his position of influence over other kids.

What the hell? The jerk has admitted to trying the same thing on an umpire in an earlier game. Wouldn't even that be enough to show he's not a good sportsman or role model? And why on earth are the playoffs in T-Ball anyway? Why do they even keep score during T-Ball? It's not about the kids. It's just a way cretins like this guy can compensate for whatever in their lives is lacking.

The autistic boy is probably happy to just get to be on the field with the other kids. And why shouldn't he be there? Because he makes people uncomfortable, or because he might bring down their score? I can just imagine what it took for the mother of this child to get him into the league, to get him to the practices and games and to find a way to participate without being disruptive. I imagine the other parents treating her with either pity or contempt. Frankly, I hope she sues the league for endangering her son.

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Kristin said...

That is horrible. I never understood why people got so competitive about kids' sports, and to sink to this level? I don't have the words.